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India is getting globalised. Many international companies are knocking our door and we are even welcoming them with open hands. Today, many small cities which were difficult to find in the map of India 25 years back, have emerging as an IT hub. In this world where corporate sector is ready to become the biggest sector of Indian government how can Patna be at the back.

There are many companies opened every day at Patna. And the opening of these many companies makes the registration process even more tiresome. One can open a company but lay his hands back when it comes to company registration. Though company registration is a must process and with it comes many advantages, still we prefer not getting it done.

Your Profits Behind Company Registration:

Taxation: In Proprietorship, a proprietor is liable for the payment of income tax in full. However; if you have a fully registered company under the Indian Companies Act, 1956, your company can enjoy the benefits of Corporation Tax which depends upon the profit gained. This even makes the company to get tax deductions and also some allowances as per the Indian Government's rule.

Legacy: As you registered your company, it becomes a legal and individual entity and can take part in any corporate sector of India.

Protection: You can't insure your company if it is not registered with Indian Government. Imagine a case if your company catches fire or get collapsed. With registration, you can even insure it from any colloidal damages.

Loans: A fully registered company is the one that can apply for loan. A company that is not registered cannot enjoy the loan privileges.

Who Can Help You?

QSEK Intellectual Services Pvt. Ltd. can help you when it comes to company registration. Not just this but with QSEK, one can even get many other services like trademark, logo or patent registration. Highly skilled and experienced staff and lawyers of QSEK can do it within a very shorter period of time.

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