Food license registration made easy in Allahabad with QSEK Intellectual Services Pvt. Ltd

Expert team of registration consultants of QSEK Intellectual Services Pvt. Ltd. is known for providing the best consultancy service to clients over years. Our company is popular when it comes to offering full solution to clients according to their demands company has vast experience of and has distributed work according to the experience of its team members and their perfection. QSEK Intellectual Services Pvt. Ltd. has started covering almost all the states of India.

License and registration made easy with the online process for food licensing or registration:

With our company those with food business can apply online for the process of registration and licensing with our online application system. There is a step by step guide that will make it easier to apply online.

Important steps for online application:

Once the online form has been filled up totally, one has to take a print of the filled out application form before clicking on the 'submit' button. Once one has taken the print he/she has to hit the 'Submit' tab. One has to note the reference number displayed on screen once the application has been submitted. The reference number is essential as it allows tracking progress of the application for registration or the licensing. Our web enabled form is made available 24X7 to apply whenever one wants to.

Cancellation of applications:

If any application is sent back for modification then certain causes apply: Invalid businesses, in this case one has no option to modify the "kind of business" and if one has filled the premises with a wrong state the application can be cancelled. In such cases one has to cancel the application and file a new one. One may choose to cancel his/her own application by simply clicking on the 'cancel application' in 'Action column' in the Modification Form.

Renewing license in Allahabad with QSEK Intellectual Services Pvt. Ltd.

Applying for a renewal of license is necessary if one wishes to avoid future penalties. The license shall be listed in Renewal Bin approximately sixty days before the expiry date. The experts advise to apply for renewal as soon as it appears in one's Renewal Bin. On waiting for the exact renewal date one will have to inevitably pay a penalty of Rs.100/-per day. On logging in one has to visit the 'Renewal' tab to find a drop down menu where he/she has to choose the application for renewal for License/Registration option. After process has been completed, a page with list of licenses for renewal will be displayed. By hitting on 'Proceed' link of that license a warning message is going to appear.