Adoption of online food registration policy by Chandigarh

The Health secretary as well as the commissioner and also the IAS, Anil Kumar, who is a part of the administrative department in Chandigarh, took the initiative to inaugurate the particular system which definitely comes under the Act that mentions the standard and safety of food in the year 2006. This was finally done in the special branch that concerns the food licensing in India. Two special people were given the opportunity of licensing through the online practice.

Centralized system

By the process of the online service all the people can actually avail the service of the online practice by logging in some special site that has been clearly mentioned in the site. Food License Registration Company in Chandigarh is a specialized online system which has been clearly centralized. This is mainly done so that it could be clearly used across the whole country with some form of assistance from Hyderabad’s Institute for Smart Government. According to this system, we check the definite eligibility, the process of application required for registration and licensing, the payment involves of the appropriate fee, uploading of all the documents, tracking the status related to application, inspection of schedule and also receiving the alerts on renewals and status at the homes of individual people.

Method of application

There are very simple ways of application. Food License Registration Company in Chandigarh mainly allows the operators of food business to track and file the application online. All we need is that a valid details of the individual applicants. They should have a personal ID and a mobile number that is active so that the application for the licensing and registration could be done through the system of online system of registration. When it has been submitted successfully, an unique ID of reference is given.

Who all can submit

It has been announced by the Indian Government that all the sorts of eateries which also includes the different varieties of food chains and food joints that must have license to start off with their own business. There is a plan of random checking of all the eateries that will be present and also to penalize the one without it.