Licensing requirements for Food Service Company in Faridabad

The food service company is made of hotels, restaurants, inns, also vending and catering companies. If you determine to sell food to the public, then you will need food and beverage license. The most crucial part of this industry is to follow regulations of safety and health permits. Here are the license requirements you may need to start a food selling company –

Business Permits

You need to apply for a business license if you want to start a new restaurant or something else. Under the Business Act (1991), if a person carries any business of supplying, serving, or selling foods for consumption inside or outside of the business site, it requires a permit of selling or serving.

Also, there are certain possibilities of not needing a license. For an example, school cookery or a restaurant which is maintained and carried by any education organization where the profits are dedicated to the purpose of the organization, it doesn’t require a permit to run these kinds of businesses.

Safety and Health License

There are rules and regulations of hygiene requirements for transportation of food and food premises, in terms of the health act (1977). A person who maintains and permits the food to handle like restaurant requires this license certificate to carry the business.

Liquor permits

If you are willing to sell liquor in your cafe, restaurant, or hotel then, you will need the liquor selling license. Under the liquor selling act (1989), if you offer to sell and serve liquor and it can be consumed on the premises, you will need an "on-license". Also, if you wish to provide liquor which will be consumed outside of the premises, you will need an "off-license."

Employer requirements

There are rules and regulations you have to meet to hire people to work for your business. You need to make it sure that every individual is allowed to work legally to hire your employees. The two documentations of the license are –

  1. Documentation of proofs that the individual can work legally.
  2. Documentation of income tax restraining.

Food License Registration Company

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