License and Permits for Food Company in Ghaziabad

You need legal authorizations and license to organize and carry a food company such as hotel, restaurants, or other food selling and serving company. There are lots of legal permits you will need to establish a food business. Here are the important licenses you may need to maintain your business–

Food Safety License

Under the regulations of The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI), you will need an authorization of food safety to provide food for consumption inside and outside of the business premises.

Health and Trade License

Health and Trade permits are provided by licensing Police Commissioner of the city. The license will grant the ownership of the business and permit to sell the products.

Eating House License

Eating house license will permit the place where publics are gathered and foods or drinks are served for consumption on the premises. This license includes refreshment room, coffee shop, boarding house etc. where foods and drinks are served for public consumption.

Liquor License

In case you want to serve liquor, you will need a liquor license. There are three different kinds of liquor license-

  • "On-license" will let you serve the liquor and public can consume it on the premises.
  • "off-license" will let you only sell any liquor and consumption is not allowed on the premises.
  • "Club license" is an additional permit required for nightclubs.

Fire Department

You have to maintain the agreement of all fire safety rules and regulations; you will need an NOC certificate from your Chief fire officer of the local fire department. Fire department permissions are important; this license will make help you if any accident happens in future.

Music and Sound License

If you want to play any music or video inside your restaurant, you will need this license. There are two separate licenses; one covers the copyright of a song which will play and another one is for the copyright of recorded version.

Certification of Environmental Clearance (CEC)

This license is based on the nature surrounded by your restaurant, the scale, and the location of your business. It is also an important permit to obtain before you start your business.

Food Registration Company

Though there are lots of licenses you have to obtain before you set up your business and it is really a tough job that can lead you to a headache and pressure. QSEK Intellectual Services Pvt. Ltd. is a food registration company which also offers trademark registration, logo registration, and Company registration etc in Ghaziabad and other cities as well in India. The certified professionals will provide your license without giving you any headache and wasting your precious time.