FSSAI Food License Registration | Renewal in Kanpur UP - QSEK

This is an optional process but is still to be used for the business processes at it definitely improves the transfer ability in any business. The advantage of having it is that of a presence of a limited liability. This kind of business does not solely require any sort of audit if the turnover is Rs. 40 lakhs and less. We definitely help people to get the import and export registration done. It is to be believed by us that any import and export product is required to get registered and thus to take the code of IE. Our main motive is to provide you a service that is absolutely hassle free and also a much less of paperwork that is to be done.

VAT registration

We at Kanpur branch believe solely that VAT registration is a must especially when the goods are being sold in India or in Indian markets mainly from separate nations. In order to get all the products into India, we are requesting to get registered with the help of VAT. The next very step is that of getting the approval of all the food items that is being exported or imported. Then it should be approved with the help of FSSAI. It solely depends on the standard of the food. Our main aim is to take the responsibilities required of necessary documents and thus o submit all the registered documents. All the details will be provided to the customers by our expert team and all the queries will get handled with full control. It will not take much time and will be hurried keeping in mind the seriousness of the situation.

License required

There are different license that is required and that includes that of business and that of health and safety of the food. Business license is mainly required by the person who is supplying or selling the food items and all the forms of food that is needed for consumption. Thus any person requires starting with a business, having to take such required help. Safety and health is also to be taken care of by us.