All you need to know about the food license registration company in Mumbai

As compared to other states, the rules and regulation for registering and applying for food license in Maharashtra is quite different. It is extremely important that the food operating business in Mumbai holds the food licensing otherwise, the business will not be considered as legal. Under the act 2009, Food Safety Standards Act of India has come up with certain eligibility criteria and application process with regards to food licensing in Mumbai. It is quite obvious to get confused about it and that is when you may need our help.

Why is food license in Mumbai obligatory?

The type of license is not only compulsory in Mumbai or Maharashtra but also in other states of India. If the business operations hold such type of license it means, their food business meets the compliance of import, export, safety and hygienic conditions associated with the food management. The business will be no more legitimate if they don’t hold such license. That is why it is extremely important to have this license or get it renewed if it has expired to make sure no legal problems come up in future. Any individual running the Food Business must apply for Food Product Approval.

How can we help you?

We are the leading food license registration company in Mumbai who have been providing our clients with the worry free licensing process. We ensure that unnecessary time and money does not get wasted as we have the best Registration Consultants who can offer the guidance and understanding about the process of the food licensing. We also operate in other places of Maharashtra like Nasik, Aurangabad, Sholapur, and Kolhapur to name a few. In case, it is not possible for you to visit the company, you can visit our online portal and get the application process filled up with us.

So far the clients who have worked with us have rated us on the top among different food license Registration Company in Mumbai. We have the right team to consult you on the documentation, accommodation and authorization of paper work with regards to the food operation business. This is mandatory for every busiest that us into the food chain business. In case, you wish to renew the license, and then you may do so within the 30 days before the expiry date of the license. You need to follow the guidelines and eligibility criteria mentioned by the company so that you get the license in less time span.