QSEK Intellectual Services provide the solution - The food department Noida

The main department that is related to the safety and protection of the food and maintaining the standard authority is the Ministry of Family and Health Welfare. The main aim is to protect the health and activities of the public through the process of the food supervision and food regulation and thus maintaining of the food safety all over. This has been established in the year 2006, representing a consolidating statue under the food regulation and safety in India. The main work of the food safety department is that of handling quite naturally the food and thus concentrating in the storage and preparation of food in order to protect it from any form of illness coming from food.

Routine activities followed

There are number of routines that are to be followed in order to avoid any kind of potential health hazards. Thus this is the way by which food defence is being overlapped with that of food safety so that the harm of the consumers is to be prevented eventually. The main thought that is present behind this is that of safety of market as well as that of the industry and also that of consumers and that of market. Thus this is a four way process that is to be kept in mind. We, here are mainly concerned with safety and proper handling of food. In the practice that is being followed in the industry is that of food origin and also considering the fact of proper labelling of food so as to protect it from pesticides residue and addictives.

Other safe practices

We at our Noida branch, mainly focuses on the proper import an export of the food items. There is also a large focus on the safety of the food in market which includes the act of safe delivery. It also concerns the proper preparation and handling of food mainly for consumers. We believe that food is solely responsible for the transfer of disease from one person to another and that leads to the growth of bacteria and ultimately food poisoning. The main motive of our food department in Noida is to protect the food from any harmful germs and bacteria and thus solely protect it from getting polluted.