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Each and every service providers, such as all the restaurants, clubs, canteens, institutions, banquet halls with food arrangements, caterers and food vendors such as the dhabas or any other business operator will also fall under the act.

Important steps for online application:

Once an online form has been generated and also filled up completely, the applicant has to get a print of the filled out Form before submitting. On taking the print he/she can hit 'Submit'. The applicants must be careful and note the reference number that pops up on the screen once the application gets submitted. The reference number allows keeping a track of the progress of the application. Our company's web enabled form is available all through the day for the applicants to apply whenever he/she desires to.,

Modification and Cancelation of Applications:

It may happen that some application has been sent back to the applicant. An application can be sent back for modifications if: the businesses are invalid, in such a case one gets no option for modification of the “kind of business” or if one has filled a premise with the wrong State the application could lead to cancellation. If these happen, one will have to cancel their application and file yet another one. One may cancel the application by clicking on ‘cancel application’ in ‘Action column’ of the Modification Form.

The Company Profile:

An experienced Team of Registration Consultants of QSEK Intellectual Services Pvt. Ltd. Has been quite renowned when it comes to for providing one of the top notch consultancy services to clients. Our company has received good reviews when it comes to providing appropriate and on time solution to clients as per their needs or demands. Needless to mention again, our company strives towards perfection and makes no compromise with their service. QSEK Intellectual Services Pvt. Ltd. has begun covering all the States of India. With our Food License Registration Company in Punjab those with Food Business in Punjab can easily apply for the Registration and Licensing procedure with the online application system.